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  • Product and Packaging Design Agency in Dubai

    Grab the eyeballs without saying a word: Packaging Design With the shopping mall culture, the buying population is always pressed for time when they enter a store. Be it any store, people enter with a purpose, and it takes a good package design, especially in Dubai, to grab their eyeballs. You have less than ten seconds to convince a customer to pick up your product, so the package has to scream about your brand [...]

  • Best Graphic Design Company in Dubai

    “Design is thinking made visual” - Saul Bass We wish it is that simple, but this quote by Saul Bass, an American Graphic designer, does put the process of graphic design by the Idea Spice team into words. As one of the premier branding and graphic design companies in UAE, our team is conscious of the expectation on us to devise a plan that will attract the audience and cement a brand for the company. Every product needs [...]

  • Branding Agency in Dubai

    So what is branding? And why is it important for your business? One of the coolest and successful entrepreneurs in the world today, Jeff Bezos says, “Branding is what people say about you when you're not in the room.” At Idea Spice, our definition of branding goes one step further. We think branding is also “how you communicate with people about your company when you are not in the room.” Your brand identity is your first and foremost [...]

  • Logo design dubai

    If you are starting a business and excited to go out there, have you ever thought of what your logo should look like? If you haven’t, and you are still indecisive about it, we strongly recommend you read on. So you have started a business, and you are excited to get out there in the world. That is awesome, and it is going to be an exciting journey for you. But, have you decided on a logo for [...]

  • Food and beverage branding agency dubai

    Branding is important for all companies. This is a fact. Today, no business is a business with a brand image. In a world ruled by hashtags, you need to know what you are to work and sell. But when it comes to the food and beverage industry, branding is a different game altogether. As a food and beverage branding agency, we think every project makes us use all the branding tricks we have in our bag. And these [...]

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    Ecommerce Branding agency dubai

    With the internet exploding the way it did, it changed the business landscape of all industries before anyone knew what happened. With it, many companies that had traditional brick and mortar stores also moved online to keep up with the market. Many businesses flourished because they now had an avenue to find customers not constrained by geography or storefronts. But as much as e-commerce made it easier to be in business, it also made it hard to stay [...]

  • How to choose the right branding agency in Dubai

    How to choose the right branding agency in Dubai In the world of business, your positioning in the market is important. That positioning will then take you to your target audience, market segment, and other sales/marketing goals. The easiest and smartest way to achieve the right positioning is to get the branding basics right. Your branding exercise should give you a clear branding language to speak to your audience. When you choose a branding agency in [...]

  • Why Branding Is Important to Your E-commerce Business

    Branding is the bridge that covers the distance between a consumer and a company. E-commerce businesses need the bridge because they have more than one barrier to jump over. Unlike a traditional business, an E-commerce does not have the option to attract the customer with their physical presence. An E-commerce business relies heavily on the chance of the customer discovering them and staying long enough to get impressed. The best E-commerce strategy for ensuring the consumer goes beyond seeing [...]

  • How to Choose a Best Product Packaging Design Agency in Dubai

    Every product that comes out of a manufacturing facility has one aim - to attract customers and improve sales. Entire divisions are devoted to designing new products to increase the revenue and market base of the customer. However, there is an additional component to any product sales, and that is package design. Package design captures the market that you may not directly advertise to - it helps you convert the leads that just happen to spot your product. In [...]

  • Food and drink branding in 2021: 5 trends to watch

    Food and drink branding in 2021: 5 trends to watch Some years bring major changes to things we take for granted. The Food and Drinking industry is one of the oldest industries across the world and has functioned in almost the same fashion for a long time. While disruptions were starting to erupt in the delivery sector, the restaurant experience was mostly traditional everywhere. The year 2020 was the biggest disruptor for this industry that had [...]

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