Project Description

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An innovative consulting, distribution and marketing company – Bombay Barons helps producers connect with new age consumers. With a focus on gourmet health products, they are responsible for bringing some of your favourite health brands to the market.


Distribution typically in India has been an unorganised market where the business model has always been about margins. For a new brand however they don’t just need distribution – they need a partner which can understand their product, pricing and positioning, and also help them to effectively market their products.

The new identity for Bombay Barons reflects this form of integrated service.


The new logo comprises of two forms – which are interconnected to symbolically represent the idea of connecting producers to consumers.

The identity reinvention also helped position them as a consulting, distribution and marketing firm that allows them to have a deeper engagement with their clients and also helps build in other forms of revenue models.

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The identity also includes an illustration style and system that allows them to explain the various nuances of their services to their clients. The illustration style helped create a distinct look across all their collaterals and communication without using standard stock photos.

A comprehensive brand identity manual gives them a toolkit that allows them to build their own unique set of communication.

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The upgraded website – stands out from the industry peers and clearly differentiates them. The website was built on two platforms – the main corporate website that explains their core products and services and a shopping portal that allows consumers to place orders directly with them.

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