Project Description

Kashmir oriental carpets is a third generation family owned business that brings handcrafted Kashmiri carpets to the world. The retail store is located in the iconic World Trade Center in Colaba and their online store – allowed them to connect to their overseas customers.

Over the years, the online store contributed to a significantly growing proportion of the sales and the brand felt the need to revamp their identity to connect with a larger audience.

We engaged with the brand owner through a series of conversations and discussions to understand the history, vision and what makes their clients keep coming back to them.

The Indian handicraft industry is largely unorganized – barring a few government run stores. Most clients go to these stores without any expectation of standard pricing or guarantee of fair trade or quality.

A business that operates within these parameters and thrives for three generations is a testament to the high degree of quality and trust bestowed upon them by their clients.

We consolidated their identity to merge the retail and the online presence into a singular brand – Carpets of Kashmir. A key insight while building the new identity was that for generations, the business acted as a connect between the craftsmen and their patrons and nurtured this tradition for ages.

The idea of “living tradition” – became the core of their brand and helped us craft an identity built from the rich visual tradition of the carpet design.

The central identity was a clean typographical solution with a border that reflected the various motifs and patterns. Cleaned up vectorized version of these motifs then helped us build a visual identity that became as rich and arresting as the carpets themselves.

The identity was developed across their store design and the product packaging. A key element was the revamped website that brought the new visual design to life. The new identity has allowed the brand to scale up and remain relevant in changing times while still staying true to their roots.

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