Project Description

Dancing leaf is a boutique tea brand based out of Mumbai. The “Dancing Leaf” concept was born out of pure passion, the vision being to create an elixir of carefully picked teas, spices and herbs which would brew into a plethora of benefits for the mind and body.

A previous identity and packaging did not effectively create a difference in the market and looked similar to many other organic product packaging. We recommended creating a dramatic difference through a sharper crisper brand identity and a uniform palette which would help it stand out in the retail stores as well as online platforms.

The identity was built around a dynamic interpretation of the central logo – where the tea leaves would keep changing and moving and also create the system of use for the packaging.

Packaging Design

The packaging primarily consisted of tin boxes on which the metallic label was pasted. A comprehensive colour code was created that helped segregate the various categories and flavours of tea. The packaging and the identity system was also extended across to a new range of teawares and gift packaging.

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