Project Description

Inspired by the UAE’s vibrant & diverse cultural landscape, Films in a Box is the first pop-up cinema concept that will screen 10 to 15 minutes non-dialogue short films, shown in boxes divided into 8 genres. The cutting-edge selection of movies can be enjoyed by people from various age groups and nationalities, irrespective of their language. The concept is in line with UAE’s Vision 2020 that aims to empower and integrate people of determination by the year 2020.

Devised around a simple graphic form – a cube in an isometric grid – a hexagon, the logo is symbolic of the 3D form of the theatre-box. The identity and visual language was derived from the hexagon and the grid structure, incorporating different genres that the films have been categorized into. A distinct set of icons was created for each of the genres, namely horror, drama, comedy, animation, virtual reality, among others.

Our team conceptualized the space, along with creating communication grids that would be used for marketing and advertising. The identity was translated onto various mediums that included uniforms, photo booths, roll up banners and a range of giveaways.

Our partnership with the brand is ongoing. We intend to be actively involved in the revolution that Films in a Box is about to bring for cinema-goers across the world; breaking barriers and converging borders.

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