Project Description

Johnny Rockets – A leading Burger chain from the U.S.A, Johnny Rockets quickly became the pioneer sit-down burger joint in the UAE. Just like the parent restaurant, the decor theme of the franchise is based upon 1950s diner-style restaurants – which has been a unique selling point so far.

Executing marketing for the joint was an exciting opportunity. Largely relying on visual and audio communication, we helped them launch an overall campaign working on their key messaging, photography style, radio jingles, hoarding and online presence. This not only worked in terms of increasing footfall at the joint but also magnified their market share.

We delivered a 360 integrated branding experience, giving designs to all consumer facing communication such as their corporate collaterals, brand collaterals and website. We devised their tone of communication so the brand sounds approachable while standing tall in its niche offering.

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