Project Description

Our international venture, K Hotels, is an upcoming boutique hotel in Uganda. The minds behind the offering wanted to tap into the niche to make an upmarket yet approachable hotel a reality. 

We stepped in and ensured their vision was accompanied by a brand, designed after thoroughly studying the positioning and evaluating the market scenario in the region.

Inspired from the national bird of the country – the crested crane – we created a fluid, flying logo that would be dynamic, taking different forms and flight across communication. The identity was extended to define a soaring brand experience for the guests across all touch points.

Having worked extensively with the hospitality industry, we understand that discerning consumers seek out products that come without the hefty price tag but look and feel expensive. The unique colour palette along with minimal design, luxury hospitality images and the approach gave K Hotels a modern yet classic appearance. Our brand language made the offering look approachable while maintaining a minimal and slick look

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