Bharat Flooring and Tiles

Bharat Flooring & Tiles in one of our oldest client in India. Our ongoing design engagement with them was initiated with a branding program and today encompasses lively collaborations, design for their products and workshops conducted together.

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BFT is a unique flooring company – a 100 years old and was one of the companies that was linked with the Swarajya movement in India.

They make handcrafted cement tiles which has its own unique character.

The design program was initiated with a rebanding program. The aim was to create an identity that ensured relevance for BFT as a brand today beyond just heritage sites.

The new identity explored a mark from their early days and shortened the name to BFT.

The graphic language was derived from their tile designs and created a lively and vibrant look that is still fresh.

A standardized system of marketing and communication collaterals was created that ensured a consistent look across all forms of communication.

Handcrafted Terrazzo

Over the years – 6 years and counting – we have worked, designed and collaborated to create a wide range of collaterals that have helped them create their own unique space.

Made in India

Our collaboration for their new tile range – Made in India resulted in a series of tile designs inspired by the rich culture of each indian state.

The result – a collection of tiles that don’t just look great but also have a deeper meaning in the design.

BFT+ Designer Tile Range

BFT today is a highly recognizable and iconic brand that features in most new F&B or hospitality formats opening across the country.

Our journey with them continues now to create integrated design and product systems that ensures they stay two steps ahead of the competition.

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