Tamarind Terrace

Tamarind Terrace serves authentic Kerala cuisine and we wanted to clearly differentiate the outlet amongst a host of other places serving Malayali food in Dubai. We seeked inspiration from the Portuguese influence on Kerala and Kollam where our clients hailed from. The branding built on the early Portuguese influence on the region and translated that into the design elements.

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While working on Tamarind Terrace, we focused on creating a design language that was unique, but stayed true to the warmth of nostalgia and the fusion of flavours from Kollam.

The graphic language picked inspiration from Azulejo, the Portuguese ceramic tile designs and the old-style traders map that symbolizes the colonial past.

The theme and cutlery

The imagery has strong connections to stories from Kerala and the communication style highlights nostalgia.

We detailed out every brand element used within the logo, placemats, coasters, packaging and menu with deliberation and careful analysis.

What adds to flashes of all those back-in-the-day moments are elements within the space that are inspired by some of the archeological gems reminiscent of the colonial past.

Splashes of fresh colours ensure the vibe was lively and young.

We were involved with the client to ensure the space was social media friendly while retaining the soul of the concept – from helping them select furniture to cutlery – we made sure every detail was taken care of.

We personified the tagline “Kerala on a plate”, adding elements and details that symbolize traditional Kerala in every nook and corner at Tamarind Terrace.

The restaurant traction has been delightful if not astounding. Within a few weeks of opening, Tamarind Terrace is already among the top 10 restaurants in Dubai, on Zomato.

The word of mouth has helped the footfall progressively, with every customer walking out happy, satiated and satisfied.

The combination of good food, attractive interiors, nostalgic elements and Portuguese inspirations have helped Tamarind Terrace stand out and scream “success!!”

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