VR Punjab

IdeaSpice worked as wayfinding consultants to deliver a comprehensive signage and placemaking program across their centres. The comprehensive signage and wayfinding system allowed us to craft a unique experience across their centre and also paved the way for future centre developments. VR Punjab was an existing property that was revamped into the new identity of the Virtuous Retail flagship brand.

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North Country Mall, one of the biggest malls in the northern region, is located on the busy Mohali-Kharar National Highway-21 at Desumajra village, close to Kharar. It was opened in May 2014. In 2017, it was taken over by the Virtuous Retail Group.

Naturally replete with fertile soils and rich water sources, Punjab is primarily an agricultural state, and has continually and infinitely contributed towards the food security of the Indian Republic.  Punjab’s many festivals–Teej, Lohri, Basant, and Baisakhi, to name some–are celebrations that mirror the farming ethos. Indeed, Bhangra, the traditional dance of Punjab revolves around, and replicates a farmer’s daily life.Historically, Punjab has played host to a number of ethnicities, including the Aryans, Persians, Greeks, Afghans and Mongols, thus bestowed with a rich tangible heritage.  Reflecting this history are the countless sites that dot the state: impressive forts & palaces, ancient monuments, architectural marvels and many a battlefield.

Chandigarh was one of the early planned cities in post-independent India and is internationally known for its architecture and urban design. The master plan of the city was prepared by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, which transformed from earlier plans created by the Polish architect Maciej Nowicki and the American planner Albert Mayer.

The city has one of the highest per capita income in the country. The city was reported to be one of the cleanest in India based on a national government study. The union territory also heads the list of Indian states and territories according to Human Development Index.

The centre draws its core from the culture of Punjab and the Tri-City area.

Depicting the culture of the area, the map shows mini stories within it, whether it be a young boy visiting the zoo, of the couples that go boating.

The food, monuments, quirks, and points of interest are all merged beautifully into one large illustration that keeps visitors mesmerised. The level of detail ensures that people discover something new each time they view it!

As part of the design language – a depiction of Punjab in an illustrated elevation has been created. This can be used either in totality or as individual elements.

Phulkari embroidery technique from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, literally means flower work.

Using the motifs as patterns, the visual language for the centre celebrates this craft, featuring it around the site.

VR Punjab Entrance Signage – Before and After

VR Punjab Mall Entrances

The three regions of Punjab inspire the names for the three entry points of the centre. The totems mark the entry points. They also act as locators, featuring the names of the entrances.

Malwa Entrance

Majha Entrance

Doaba Entrance

The Phulkari patterns and quirky slogans feature around the centre, branding it and playfully welcome visitors to the centre.​​​​​​​ Shown below on the left are the creatives for these flags and on the right, the execution of the same are shown.

Concierge Desk

Lightboxes – Before and After

VR Punjab Outdoor Way-finding – Before and After

VR Punjab Outdoor Way-finding – Before and After

VR Punjab Outdoor Pedestrian Directory

Creating a sign to locate pedestrians within the centre

VR Punjab Wall Directory

Incorporating the VR brand and visual language onto the existing signage Before and after images

Creating a sign to give visitors easier access to maps of the building, plotting the stores on each level

VR Punjab Signage Scheme

VR Punjab Parking and Basement Signage Scheme

VR Punjab Signage Standards

VR Punjab Installations

PhirkiInspired by the colourful toys of Punjab, the larger than life phirkis add a splash of colour and momentum to the space

Public SeatingThe seats are a modern take on the traditional baithak. Placed in the Majha Plaza, this provides people a chance to sit outdoors and enjoy the lovely weather of the region

LattooThe larger than life lattoo is an ode to the toys of the region, bringing a smile on the face of everyone who comes across it. Placed at the entrance, it welcomes visitors to the centre.

I <3 PUNJABThe installation is a selfie point for people that gives visitors a sense of connect to the centre and the region they hail from.

FoodboxThe foodbox exists across VR centres, marking the food court in each of them. It creates a recall value for the brand.

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