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Sajith Ansar Entreprenuer. Artist. Creative Enthusiast

“The Zen Monk in a Suit ”

Calm, collected and erudite. Also straight faced and quick witted, Sajith will rarely come across as the CEO of Idea Spice. His creative force and drive to dish out only the best work from the studio, is what motivates the team to strive for excellence. His never-ending passion for improvement (Kaizen) is the cornerstone of the organization. Sajith will force you to pay attention to him lest you miss on the speedy, under-the-breath one-liners and bad jokes.

An expert in design as well as brand strategy, Sajith has over 20 years of experience in design and helping SMEs build successful organizations.

Internationally awarded as a business leader and featured in the press for the same, he serves on the board of a few companies and CSR organizations and is passionately involved in using design for CSR causes.

He has also delivered lectures at business and design universities regularly and often conducts workshops for entrepreneurs and start-ups. He is actively involved in many business and networking groups and mentors start-ups regularly.

Always hands on, Sajith is as much a part of the team as everyone else. His iPhone is the thread that binds him to everyone. Whether on mail or message, the team is always connected to Sajith (we secretly know he has FOMO).

He juggles his free time sketching,
exploring typography, blogging and climbing mountains!

Legend has it; he was the inventor of the Idea Spice trademark coffee and continues to hand over this tradition to every new member. Behind the all-serious façade of business and work, lies the source of some of the corniest one-liners that can’t help but make you laugh!

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