Food and drink branding in 2021: 5 trends to watch

Every product that comes out of a manufacturing facility has one aim – to attract customers and improve sales. Entire divisions are devoted to designing new products to increase the revenue and market base of the customer. However, there is an additional component to any product sales, and that is package design. Package design captures the market that you may not directly advertise to – it helps you convert the leads that just happen to spot your product. In all essence, product package design is the marketing tool that converts your suspect lead into a prospective lead in a matter of seconds.

With such a crucial role in the pyramid, you want nothing but the best packaging design agency in Dubai for your product. To aid your search for the best packaging design in Dubai, we have some pointers below:

Choosing the best Packaging Design Agency in Dubai


The best way to gauge any packaging design agency in Dubai is to see how they have fared in their previous projects. The best packaging design agencies in Dubai like Idea Spice will have stories and case studies to share with you on how they were able to design and execute package design in Dubai to help their clientele. For example, Popp’d came to us for an exciting Package design project in Dubai. They are a guilt-free snack company and wanted a design that would be fun, playful, and informative to attract a customer base leaning towards crips. We came with a design that used bright colors, fun images, and a quirky tone of voice to stand out on a shelf.

Creative Process and Expertise

A good creative process starts from understanding the client company, market segment, and challenges that have to be overcome. In the case of Popp’d, we knew we had to absolutely stand out to attract a client who already has a favorite brand in the snack department. We also knew by designing a cover with essential information, we can get the client base to switch. A healthy product with a fun packaging design will win., and Popp’d did just that.

Market Knowledge

Good packaging design is a culmination of creativity and market knowledge. For a reliable and saleable package design in Dubai, our team studies the existing market thoroughly to understand what will work and what will not. Understanding the packaging design market and the customer base is the secret recipe for the success of many Idea Spice package design creations.

Idea Spice – Top Packaging Design Agency in Dubai

Idea Spice has had the privilege of working with many path-breaking and exciting retail manufacturers. We love weaving a design that will excite both the customer and the manufacturer.

If you are looking for someone to match your innovative product with an equally innovative package design to break all records, let’s talk. Call us today.