Packaging Design Agency Dubai

– Your Guide to a silent Marketing tool

Idea Spice, as a package design and branding company in UAE, ensures that we bring out the best of your brand in every package design.

Packaging design in Dubai is a silent marketing tool that every company must utilize to elevate their brand. As a leading packaging design agency in Dubai, we help you establish a presence in your customer’s mind. One thing that you should note, is that the catchier the design, the more audience it will attract, and it surely makes your brand stand out.

Packaging Design Mantras – the Idea Spice Formula

Packaging design in Dubai does not stop with just placing the company logo and product information on the outside. Today, every business is competing with ten other companies, so the advantage you can have is very less.

You must milk the attention you get to the fullest extent.

Even if it is to one customer, via one product – a good strategy in packaging design in Dubai — a cosmopolitan city — is to convey who you are to your customer.

Positioning – When you are designing a package, you must keep the positioning of text, images, and logos in mind relative to the shelf or stacking style of the product. We take care that the main branding elements are always front and centre to grab maximum attention.

Attraction – The packaging design must attract a passer-by or hold the attention of a customer enough to read the information on it. This is a medium through which you can reach your customer, in other words you draw the customer towards your product.

Information – As we said, the package is a medium where you can talk about your brand. So, package design should tell your brand story, preview other related products, and certain important information. Keep it short, simple, and concise.

Design – You may wonder why this aspect is in the last. Well, because if we do the first three aspects right, we know that the brand design will automatically fall into place. At Idea Spice, we view packaging design as a means to generate interest, intrigue, and value for the brand we are serving.

Be it any store, people enter with a purpose, and it takes a good packaging design in Dubai to grab their attention.

You have less than ten seconds to convince a customer to pick up your product, so the package has to scream about your brand in the most convincing way. You are competing for their attention on a shelf full of 5-10 similar products. This is where choosing the best packaging design agency in Dubai helps you stay on top of your business.

Molten Cube – Gourmet Brownies and the Idea Spice Formula

One example of our work is the Molten Cube. The team behind Brownie Point came to us with a concept of gourmet brownies combined with mouth-watering hot and cold toppings to compliment.

We came up with the name Molten Cube, with reference to the hot sizzling brownies the concept was about. We worked closely with the team to create an identity that is fun, playful using the brown color of the brownie as a base and adding splashes of bright colors to signify happiness and toppings, creating a brand that was friendly and approachable.

The team integrated the identity across all the collaterals, including the menus, uniforms, takeaway collaterals, and packaging.

Due to their decision of choosing the best packaging design agency in Dubai, Molten Cube was introduced in all Brownie Point outlets in the city to bring scrumptious brownies to entice your sweet tooth.

At Idea spice, we hold the expertise as the premier packaging design agency in Dubai and the rest of UAE to elevate your brand to new heights.

All you have to do is give us a call. We are excited to work with you.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is packaging designing?

A: Packaging design is the process that allows your product’s packaging to fulfil a wide range of functions. It has to be functional, holding your product, enabling it to be transported and stored. It needs to stand out from your competitors’ packaging, as well as appeal to customers in-store and on online platforms.

Q: Why is packaging design important?

A: Judging a book by its cover – first impressions are important and likewise, the packaging on a product matters just as much as the product itself. Eye-catching packaging design helps differentiate your product from others in the market by creating a winning brand identity.

Q: How many types of packaging designs are there?

A: There are currently four trending types of packaging designs. These include molded packaging design, replica model packaging design, protective packaging design, and transparent packaging design.

Q: What Does A Packaging Design Agency Do?

A: A packaging design agency helps design packaging that is innovative, functional and appealing. They help curate packaging that appeals to the eye, the brain, the emotions, and also one that stands out on the shelves.