Standing out in the Crowd: E-commerce Branding Strategies

With the internet exploding the way it did, it changed the business landscape of all industries before anyone knew what happened. With it, many companies that had traditional brick and mortar stores also moved online to keep up with the market. Many businesses flourished because they now had an avenue to find customers not constrained by geography or storefronts. But as much as e-commerce made it easier to be in business, it also made it hard to stay in business as online competition increased. Branding and marketing is the only way to keep your head above water.

As an e-commerce branding agency in Dubai, we advise our clients to focus first on branding to tell your customers who you are to leave a lifetime impact before any marketing effort can make sense.

E-commerce Branding – What is Different?

For an e-commerce company that does not follow the traditional storefront model, branding and marketing can be the same and different at the same time.

Like any firm, the basics such as the name, logo, company values, and brand language is very important. When it comes to e-commerce, all design assets gain value as the majority of marketing, communication, and customer interaction will be over the internet where design assets dominate. In a world where the attention span is diminishing every day, you must be able to attract your customers within the first 10 seconds.

Your website design is the holy grail. Everything from the landing page to the checkout page has to speak one language – User Experience and Customer Delight can make or break deals based on the look and feel of your website. Every click, every reaction, and every minuscule piece of content becomes a part of your image.

Branding for an e-Commerce company is an ongoing process. Being a premier e-commerce branding agency in Dubai, we handle the branding process end to end. Right from choosing the name, designing the logo, designing the website for the best UI/UX output, to formulating their marketing language, we’re there for you.

Zerch is a platform where customers have access to various deals and discounts from different brands. We were approached to help with designing a user friendly UI/UX that gave customers an extraordinary experience. We also helped design all their sales collaterals and communication support.

Idea Spice – Leading E-commerce Branding Agency in Dubai

Idea Spice has been the branding partner for many prestigious firms across industry verticals over the past two decades. This experience coupled with the fact that we have been able to create some iconic digital branding campaigns off-late puts us on the list of some of the leading e-commerce branding agencies in Dubai. We have the market knowledge and the online panache to make your brand stand out in the crowd.

Call us today to see how we can build a unique brand identity for you.