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  • Hiring a Designer for Your Restaurant? Look For These Five Qualities

    Hiring a design professional for your new restaurant is a challenging task - given the proliferation of design studios and professionals. With advances in software and better resources available, portfolios look good on paper - but to select a design professional against many others, here are five key points to look for, in no particular order: Experience Millhouse, Ahmedabad, Menu Design, 2018 F&B (food and beverage) brands have a unique set of design requirements - it goes beyond designing collaterals [...]

  • 10 Innovative marketing techniques for todays business landscape

    The current business landscape calls for a rethink of your marketing strategy. As CFOs tighten budgets and question marketing spends, CMOs have to still meet targets and ensure the organisation is continuing to grow. Marketeers are faced with the quandary of continuing efforts in increasing the visibility of their brand and staying top of mind with their consumers while working with reduced marketing budgets. Reduce your marketing efforts and you face the threat of losing market share or [...]

  • 5 ways to Humanise your brand

    With the advent of social media, a new era has opened up for brands and with it a plethora of challenges. Brands are now directly in touch with their consumers interacting one on one. This is both an opportunity and complex at step he same time. Today companies have to step down from their ivory towers and don a much more human face to engage with their consumers. Today, humanising your brand isn’t a marketing strategy or a [...]

  • The 5 top challenges faced by marketers and global brands today

    In today’s fast changing economy, marketing has taken a new dimension completely. Combined with the rapid leaps in the use of social media on one side and an economy thats unstable and challenging, brands have to adjust to the new landscape and adopt a new strategy that remains effective. The first step is to look around and accept the reality of the challenge at hand and then begin to create marketing plans to grow the business. Let's take [...]

  • 10 steps to rebrand your successful business

    In today’s dynamic global market space, competing on price and quality will never be a game changer. Businesses today are looking to create a brand that speaks their story, that packages their USP and expounds to  the world why they are so good. They need a visual depiction of their offering that emotionally connects their business to the consumers, sets them apart from the competition clearly and helps them stand head to head with large multi national firms [...]

  • 7 New Age Brand Principles For Restaurants

    According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Botin Restaurant in Madrid in Spain is the world’s oldest operating restaurant. Started in 1725 and famous the world over, even Ernest Hemmingway mentioned the restaurant’s signature dish cochinillo asado(roast suckling pig) in his 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises. To build a lasting business of that nature, is probably every entrepreneurs dream. While every success story has its own secret ingredient, there are some prevailing global trends that I would advise [...]

  • 5 reasons to make branding the key ingredient in your food and beverage business

    The food and beverage industry is one of the fastest growing industries world wide with new concepts launching everyday and existing concepts growing by leaps and bounds. It is also the industry with one of the highest rates of failure. Successful concepts suddenly fade and disappear due to innumerable reasons. New concepts catch the attention of consumers and many fail right at the launching board itself.  Though issues like planning, staffing, quality of food, location, cash flow planning [...]

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