Captivate the eyes before you hit the mind: Selling your Product with Graphic Design

“Design is thinking made visual” – Saul Bass

We wish it is that simple, but this quote by Saul Bass, an American Graphic designer, does put the process of graphic design by the Idea Spice team into words. As one of the premier branding and graphic design companies in UAE, our team is conscious of the expectation on us to devise a plan that will attract the audience and cement a brand for the company.

Every product needs to attract customers towards your brand even before you make an effort to sell it actively. Humans are very visual creatures, companies have started to realize the importance of investing in attractive design aids. But it is not just about attractive or flashy design, the role of a design agency like Idea Spice in Dubai is to make relevant design aids. The graphic design has to weave a story about the product, invoke an emotional response, and connect with the audience. Only then, it will be a successful branding exercise.

Many of you may not know this, but out of many graphic design companies in UAE, Idea Spice had the honour of being part of a very prestigious project in Dubai – the Bollywood Park Dubai. This project gave us a unique challenge because we all know that the Bollywood brand is pretty well established. We did not have to create a brand but had a different challenge this time. How to take something that is already in everyone’s mind and make their experience intriguing and interesting for them still? It’s simple, with design aids.

Making Bollywood come alive in Dubai – Designing Bollywood Parks

A celebration of India’s legendary motion picture industry, we participated in bringing the kaleidoscope that is Bollywood, to life. We won the international bid to make the experience a visual treat. We worked on the prominent & widely seen graphics, signages, murals and variety of merchandise that required over 750 artworks to be produced in under 1 month. In the absence of intellectual property of many yesteryear movies that didn’t have any, we produced high resolution, results, which were otherwise difficult to imagine.

While we knew that these visuals would attract patrons, we did not want to stop there. We went a step ahead and designed many rides, cafes, and theatres around some of the popular movies from the Indian Film Industry. We designed cafes that are inspired by Rock On, Chalte Chalte, Desi Emporium, etc., and also rides from Lagaan. The idea was to blend graphic designs creating a unique Bollywood-atmosphere.

Graphic Design and Branding

Graphic design is marketing, communication, and branding all rolled into one. As one of the premier graphic design agency in UAE, we have worked with businesses to create a design that makes sense for their company. Connecting with the correct graphic design agency in UAE can make or break a campaign, and that is why you should call Idea Spice today. Your search for someone to design your thoughts ends here.