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Idea Spice is a boutique design and marketing firm with offices in the UAE and India. We have contributed to the growth and image of a number of start-ups, SMEs and government organisations.

know about idea spice
know about idea spice

what we do

We are in the business of differentiation. We connect brands emotionally to their customers using innovation and emotional engagement.

Over 90% of businesses fail in the first 3 years of operation. We realised that having a clear USP or a differentiation tilted the balance in favour of success. We chose to be in the business of increasing the chance of our client’s success. We honed the science of finding an empty space in their consumer’s mind and connecting with them emotionally. We then translate the brand across all the customer touch points to drive home the business differentiation and create engagement.

we work in really cool offices,

do projects globally,

We have branded and rebranded businesses all around the globe. We have done projects in over 50 cities worldwide from the Middle East to Africa, India, America and Australia.

We have the know-how to help companies stand apart from their competition. From healthcare to education, food and beverage to retail, from services to B2B businesses, trade, start-ups and even governments, we have worked on a multitude of businesses. This allows us to quickly understand management issues and wear the shoes of CEOs and create solutions that make a business impact.

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our values are built on duality

We have the experience, expertise and systems of over a decade and the innovation, energy and the passion of a start up.

We have evolved our time management to consistently deliver innovative solutions and bring brands to market in half the time usually taken.

However, we also retained the soul of a start up through all this. We decided to stay hungry, stay foolish, stay passionate, eager to please and stay best friends with our clients.