6 Signs It’s Time for a Much-Needed Rebrand

Your brand is your biggest asset. Even when you have nothing, your brand can salvage your company. Branding is very important for any business, and the thought of rebranding or starting afresh can leave many founders wary.

Rebranding exercises are sometimes essential to stay updated in the market and change with the times. If you have been leading your business for a long time, you will know this – nothing is permanent in any market. The person who can adapt to the changing times is often the last man standing.

There are plenty of branding companies in Dubai. But Idea Spice is one of the premier branding agencies in Dubai, and we have worked with many firms to make their rebranding projects fruitful.

So, if you are confused as to whether your firm needs a rebrand or not, then go through our 6-sign checklist which will help making the decision easier.

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Signs your company needs Rebranding

You have trouble standing out in the market

When you first established, designed, and launched your brand – you may have chosen to be unique, out-of-the-box, and stand out in the market. As the years progress, it is possible that the brand lost its voice, other brands emerged in the same tone as you, or the market is so crowded that the uniqueness wasn’t enough.

Instant recognition, brand recall, and retention in customer’s mind is paramount for success. A rebrand becomes necessary when your brand is not standing out in the market as much as you would like.

You are expanding into a new market

Businesses keep growing, and as a founder, you are always looking to enter the next big market and work on your next big idea. You may hesitate, sometimes, thinking if this new idea will work with your existing brand image or if it is a good move.

Rebranding can be an effective way to bridge the gap between your current image and what you want to do. If you enter a new market with a rebranding plan in mind, the transition and market dynamics become easier to handle.

The brand doesn’t tell your whole story

As a firm, a founder, and a team, you may be doing a lot of things – way beyond what your company is meant to do. But, the real result will come if that gets effectively communicated to the consumer base.

Suppose you are a plastic-positive firm, but your branding in the market does not speak about that at all. It is a huge miss, and it is time for you to approach a branding agency in Dubai to discuss rebranding.

You are reinventing yourself

Rebranding becomes necessary if you want to attract a different set of customers, employees, and partners in the market. Branding is essentially the message that tells people who you are and what your role in their life is.

If you want to talk to different people and make your message clear to them, you have to go back to the drawing board.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A major corporate decision like merging with a firm or acquiring a new brand under you has to be conveyed with the right branding strategy at the right time. Mergers and Acquisitions can be tricky for companies, and you need your consumer base to welcome it from the get-go.

Ensuring that both the parent companies and the new firms are rebranded appropriately is the first step in gaining customer acceptance.

Growth Stagnation

Your growth curve must always be at an upward trend, at least when seen in the long-term view. A stagnant growth curve is not a good sign and may soon lead to saturation. Every company wants to improve its business metrics, and rebranding plays an important role in helping you to achieve it.

Rebranding allows the customer to look at you with fresh eyes and also allows you to appeal to the consumer base with a new approach. While top branding agencies in Dubai know this, Idea Spice can implement this for you.

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