Branding Trends for 2020/2021: Latest Predictions to Watch Out For

Change is the only constant in marketing; branding is no exception. What the past few decades as a branding agency in Dubai has taught us is that branding is not a once-done and forgotten activity. Branding is the voice of every company, and as companies evolve, branding must follow suit. Branding also changes as time and markets evolve, changing market trends and consumer sentiments. So, what is the latest in the branding strategy and services world?

Take a trip with us as we share some of the “must-watch” branding trends for 2020-2021.

Many trends come and go, but, as one of the leading branding companies in Dubai, these look the most promising.

Branding Trends


Rebranding is no longer as controversial an event for companies today. Businesses today like their brands to reflect who they are and convey their policy decisions clearly to the consumers. Google, for example, decided to strengthen their workspace brand once the COVID-19 pandemic hit. So, the company revamped its products right from the logo itself to reflect a cohesive brand identity. However we may feel about the rebranding, it sure established Google’s focus on its workspace product range.

Nostalgia is winning

We spoke about how branding for any business has to evolve, keeping up with the market and one of the most coveted branding trends today is the nostalgia game. Constant scrolling and an overload of marketing material can tire anyone on the internet. So, you have to strike a chord with them, connect over a personal emotion, and nostalgia wins all the time. Customers relish the blasts from the past. They end up appreciating the brands that take the time that bring back a slice of their youth or childhood for them.

Create a niche community

Content creation for a community is the best way to win today. The best branding exercise is when your branding strategies mark out your audience clearly. At Idea Spice, we ensure that we identify and define this community. When you target a community, you can position yourself easily in the market. Branding activities can create such niche communities online and offline using hashtags, online forums, and offline community events. Communities make your brand shine and do the marketing for you when you take care of them. Many brands also chose to bring consumers into the marketing conversation, and this always works wonders.

Social Media at the center

The COVID-19 pandemic unwittingly proved the case for online presence for every business irrespective of its size. Even offline giants had to look for consumers’ attention online to stay afloat. Hence, we aren’t surprised that the branding strategies for 2021 are looking at capitalizing on the power of social media platforms. Your brand has to stand out, and a strong social media brand is important here. A unique brand language, something that connects you to your audience will help you become the apple of everyone’s eye. It is important to identify the most important social mediums for your business and work on your branding strategies accordingly.

In summary

If we have to sum it all up, we would say that branding is going back to its core for a little soul searching. The heart is back, and now more than ever, businesses have to commit to their branding image and connect with their consumers. That’s what the branding trends for 2021 are telling us too.

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