How to choose the right branding agency in Dubai

In this competitive world of business, your positioning in the market is important. It is this positioning which will then take you to your target audience, market segment, and other sales/marketing goals. The easiest and smartest way to achieve the right positioning is to get the branding basics right. Your branding exercise should give you a clear branding language to speak to your audience. When you choose a branding agency in Dubai, check if their idea of a branding language works for you.

The essence of Branding for a Company

Branding is the base layer on which you build your entire marketing collateral, UI/UX, and product design. It is good business sense to make sure you have one of the top branding agencies in Dubai like Idea Spice working with you. You want someone with the expertise to understand your company, product, industry, and audience/consumer base.

Imagine you are launching a new product that has to shift the existing customer base from something they are comfortable with to your solution. Branding makes a big difference in early market traction for innovative solutions. At Idea Spice, we have had the privilege of working with many innovative and path-breaking products. We have made conscious efforts to tune the branding in a way to break these barriers and make the product’s identity connect with the audience.

Empay chose Idea Spice to work with them as their branding agency in Dubai during their launch. For those not familiar with the brand, Empay is a unique mobile payment solution and a payment aggregator. You can use the app as a centralized platform for paying rent, utilities, school fees, and other regular payments. Empay is special because of its association with the Dubai Smart Government initiative, and its core policy of making payments easier and simpler for everyone.

We wanted to translate these clearly to the customer. We chose warm and app-friendly icons, colors, and logos to connect with the audience. The “e” of the Empay combined with the inviting blue color and swipe action fits the company like a glove. Understanding the company’s target segment and core field helped us create a branding language to achieve their business goals.

Beyond Design – the extended role of a Branding Agency in Dubai

When you are looking at the top branding agencies in Dubai, the key differentiator for you must be what can the company do for me beyond a logo and product design. With Empay, the team at Idea Spice put together an entire design protocol and guideline to ensure that the branding language stays coherent.

We were involved in the user interface look creation, packaging artworks, iconography, and marketing collateral creation that effectively conveyed how the app looked in different usages. Idea spice was able to create a design language for the brand and make branding a part of their organization framework itself.

Idea Spice

Idea Spice is proud to be one of the top branding agencies in Dubai that considers the branding exercise much more than a marketing effort. We take pride in creating unique, relatable, and catchy brands for companies with amazing products waiting to show the market.

Do you think your product can blow the market apart? Call us now and let us create the next talk of the town.