Project Description

Many of us know that familiar stirring in the heart that comes from the smell of freshly baked confectioneries. Brownie point needed all our affection and passion for dessert, reflected in the branding. 

We created a fresh new identity that reflects the modern Brownie Point – made with love, sugar, and dough.

A legacy brand both in Dubai and India – Brownie Point not only makes the most delectable, rare and satisfying desserts but it does so with a passion to indulge the customer and their reason to celebrate.

Giving the ‘B’ a dynamic shape illustrative of the heart, along with elements of confectionary, the entire branding and space design evoked the affection mixed in their sweet and savory items– right from preparation, all the way till delivery.

A bold combination with chocolate brown as the base along with vibrant icing colours helped create a distinctive language for the brand. The language was manifested onto various collaterals, packaging, posters and leaflets for the brand.

The identity helped re-establish their position as one of Dubai’s favourite bakery chains. Excited about the new look of the franchisee, the mother brand – Brownie Point India – is now changing the look and feel of all their outlets to reflect the new identity.

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