Project Description

One never says no to desserts, especially ice creams and most especially if you’re surrounded by summers for most part of a year. On the Moo was a unique concept that brought a twist in the tale in the world of ice creams, crepes and other desserts.

Started as a food vehicle concept, On the Moo introduced Thailand’s unique ice cream making technique to Dubai, along with bringing the Hawaiian special crushed ice and the popularly consumed crepes, in an on-the-go packaging.

Since milk based products were the common offering, the cow was our obvious hero! Seeking inspiration, we derived various design elements from what eventually became the mascot of the brand. The patches, combined with an appetizing and bright colour palette, and a punny tone of voice made for an amooosing and delectable brand.

Our association with the brand is ongoing and we continue to keep the moo-vement soaring.

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