Project Description

The authentic Iraqi street food concept was where we let the inner cool child in us take over. Iraqi slang for “what’s up?”, with Shako Mako we didn’t have to look too far for inspiration. The trio behind the idea of the Iraqi Street Food eatery gave us intimate insights and turned into the Iraqi family we’ll hit up when we’re in Baghdad, besides being very enthusiastic clients.

shako mako

We turned to street art for inspiration. We looked at graffiti style of illustration and icons along with the Arab – English twang in the tone of communication, to speak to the hustling target audience.

Shako Mako catered to those who craved authentic Iraqi flavors but had mixed well in the multicultural melting pot of Dubai. The logo and brand colors were devised keeping this in mind. We created their collaterals using a fun, young vibe using the street wall, chalk and graffiti style. The use of puns and Anglo-Arab slang kept things humorous.

This was then translated onto the menu and packaging, as well as interiors. We also created their social media posts and guided the marketing process to give an additional push to the interesting concept that had the potential to soar high.

Tucked between a sea of restaurants on the bustling roads of Jumeirah, the new age restaurant attracted just the fun lot we were hoping it would and quickly gained popularity, not only among the Arab youth but also many other nationalities.

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