Project Description

Millhouse is a modern all day dining format that uses fresh local produce for comfort  food. We created a comprehensive brand identity for the restaurant chain that covered naming, identity, signage and environmental graphics.

The name is suggestive of the origins and nature of the food. The identity uses a simple graphic x motif that was a minimalist interpretation of a millhouse. We used a stark yellow as the primary colour that was balanced by a clean typography based graphic language.

The identity extended across all the restaurant collaterals including the design of the menus. For the launch of the brand in Ahmedabad, we created a campaign around the food and the principles behind the food that allowed them to create a unique space for themselves.

Spots of yellow in the table setting and the environment graphic help offset a monotone space. The space was designed by studio osmosis.

Millhouse today enjoys a five star rating in Ahmedabad and is now opening in other parts of the country.

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