When Is The Best Time To Redesign Your Logo?

Your logo is the face of your company. It is that unique element that enables your customer to pick your product on a crowded shelf or on the internet when they are aimlessly scrolling.

Logo design is a major element in branding and becomes the face of the firm, for many years to come, more than the name, or any other element. Most firms dread opting for a logo redesign the most when they take up rebranding exercises.

Knowing that you are making the right decision to rebrand your logo, can ease your mind a lot.

Find the list of instances when it is the best time to redesign your logo, curated by Idea Spice – a premier logo design agency in Dubai.

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The Best time for a Logo Redesign

A very famous branding mantra is that customers and markets love consistency. They like the brands to maintain the same image they have had over the years as it makes them easy to love, appreciate, and work with.

But, sometimes, change becomes necessary. In some situations, the old logo may end up doing a lot more harm than good for your business. This makes it all the more necessary to choose a logo design in Dubai wisely.

It is the best time to opt for a logo redesign when:

You are walking into new paths

As a company, you will always grow and explore new markets, business verticals, and opportunities. Sometimes, they will work well with the existing brand, but sometimes they may not. You must not turn down an exciting opportunity fearing the clash in brand image.

Instead, opt for a logo redesign or a logo rebrand where the customers can understand and accept this new path that you are treading on. It is an ideal way of retaining the existing customer base and also attracting a new customer base for your new venture.

If you ignore rebranding your logo at this stage, you may become stuck between your brand image and the work you are doing.

You need a technology Upgrade

The technology around us keeps changing and improving, making our life better. You may be a 20-year old company, so your logo design will reflect the technology in use at that time. Evolution and up-gradation is the name of the game. You cannot expect your current customers to connect with an image that existed 20 years ago.

A subtle transition from your legacy to the current trends is needed to maintain your brand recall and show your customers that you keep up with the times.

Even the E-commerce giant, Amazon, has had to rebrand its logo several times over the years to stay updated current in the market.

The market is changing

Leaders define the market, yes but, good businessmen also listen to the market. When the market evolves, you must evolve with it so that customers notice your effort and applaud your commitment.

When your company has outgrown the logo, or the market itself is transitioning to a new aesthetic, it is time to pick the brush and rebrand your logo.

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