Project Description

Kankatala has grown across three generations to become one of the oldest and most reputed saree retailers in Andhra Pradesh. A large portion of their clientele are NRIs from Andhra Pradesh who would buy their premium sarees. This led to identifying the need to create an online brand that could cater to an international audience.

We worked closely with the brand owner to create the framework for the website.

The Indian saree with a history of over 5000 years today exists in numerous forms and variations with each state and region represented in its own unique weave and pattern.

The online experience was designed to not just sell sarees but also guide and inform anyone looking to learn about the Indian saree. Each style of saree had its own unique label that displayed its origin and the story behind the weave or the pattern.

A comprehensive packaging program was developed that complimented the history and heritage of the brand. We created a unique book that showcased the various styles and forms of the Indian saree.

The resulting online brand has led to a healthy additional revenue stream that is growing.

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