Project Description

Redington is amongst the top supply chain solution providers, worldwide, offering end to end supply chain solutions in the information technology and digital lifestyle products space.

We collaborated with Redington to revive their main brand identity and gave structure to brands that are part of the group by way of defining their architecture. We relooked at the identity which then percolated through their digital interface, collaterals, partnerships and other communication touch points.

Inspired by technology and synergy, the Redington logo was designed as a latticed geometric design that depicts technological innovation as well as simplicity in complexity.

All consumer touch points were strategically designed, the internal and external communication regarding designations was established and a brand guideline that clearly outlined the usage of every touch point was created.

Redington was looking to take the next step in their endeavours and prepare for future expansion. In order for this to happen, the subsidiary brands, under the Redington umbrella the world over, needed to be consolidated and tied into one common thread. Given that brands covered technology support to logistics the challenge was to extend the equity of the mother brand while maintaining their respective positioning.

Given the structure of the group and function of each brand, a Branded House architecture approach was selected. This not only makes for consistent experience, but also builds equity for the corporate brand. This ultimately fulfilled the primary commitment of Redington ie. to achieve harmony between the mother brands and all subsidiaries.