Project Description

A brand made purely for the love of brownies. Dubai’s homegrown brownie store, Brownie Blues was the bearer of handmade, home-style goodness.

Placed in a cozy corner of Jumeirah Plaza on the Jumeirah Beach Road, this is where chocolate lovers find their warm, fuzzy, brownie fix. The rich tasting, unique flavors needed a brand that would convey both, the passion for high-quality brownies as well as the love for all things handmade.

We created an identity that represents a fun yet sophisticated and premium look and feel. The logo was designed, inspired by the square block of brownies, with the tagline “A block of magi” complimenting the form. Fresh colours with polka dots and fun patterns exuded youth and playfulness while hints of craft paper and use of browns added a warm, handcrafted personality.

The tone of communication was kept friendly, cheerful and casual. Given that desserts have a way of reaching straight to your heart, the messages across packaging and social media meant to engage.

Given this was a largely take-away model, packaging played a vital role in the sales of the product. In keeping with the brownie integrity, the packaging was also designed to look homely and handmade, with craft paper boxes, handwritten notes and ribbons. We could swear by the fine quality and melt-in-the-mouth feature of the brownies and so we created a packaging bundle that melted hearts and brought smiles to faces of customers who received them.

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