Project Description

Leva is a new lifestyle, boutique hotel offering designed with the millennial traveler and artistic soul in mind. The brand combines a vast array of contemporary properties that include upscale premium hotels to midscale to affordable upscale residences.

The main brand was given a corporate, upmarket design language, using black and gold on the logo and keeping the visual language minimal, fresh and full of images suggesting comfort, travel and independence. The logo used combined typography with a modular structure, to represent luxury, openness and class across all the offerings.

Meanwhile the architecture for the group of hotels included fresh and vibrant colours to represent the young, wild and free souls of the target audience. The brand language used humour, puns and wit to engage customers, while the designs made way for addition of interesting art pieces across the properties – the highlight of Leva.

The square in the logo became a tool for the graphic language, using which patterns were created for collaterals used within the property including uniforms, packaging, welcome kits, etc. A simple iconography system was created for the toiletries and marketing collaterals. 

The first hotel apartment for the brand has been launched where the designs, along with the art and modern décor has blended together to form an offering one cannot say no to!

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