Project Description

Idea Spice partnered with a luggage company to develop a young brand and launch India’s first smart backpack that is designed around today’s modern business traveller.

The Brand Story

Carriall turned to Switch Studio to create a brand film to set them apart in the cluttered market and reach out to their target users comprising of young entrepreneurs and business travellers. The language developed for the film permeated the entire brand and created a unified experience right upto the point where the customers received the backpack.

We partnered with Carriall to build a comprehensive system right from its core to its applications. The luggage are designed around 4 core principles.

Which translated into key product features for the luggage offerings.

Packaging Design

Since, the brand sells its products only through its online portals, we designed the packaging to reflect the entire brand experience.

Brand Collaterals

Website Design

Currently, we are working with the brand to develop and launch their next range of luggage offering: trolley bags.