Project Description

NDW is part of a real estate legacy that has grown with the trust of more than 5 decades.

Since its inception in 1965, the group has successfully completed more than 25 residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects with more than 2 million square feet of development in Mumbai.

Even though it has a long history in real estate, they needed to establish themselves as a new entity. Idea Spice engaged with the rebranding of the new age real estate brand for its identity restructure.

To represent their brand story, “better by design” was chosen as their driving force that ensures that design intervention at all levels – no matter how big or small that lead to creating spaces that make everyday just a little bit better.

The Brand Story

We approached The Switch Studio to create a brand film for NDW with the central narrative, “better by design”.

The design for the film had to stand out from the clutter and was also adapted later to include project photographs and information. A single minimalist illustration was developed which would create schematics of the various ‘NDW worlds’ that could come up over time.

Project Branding

To maintain the  parent branding across the projects, each project was treated in the form of brand extensions. However, all the projects had different aspects that helped them differentiate from each other. We designed their identities to highlight those characteristics and the collaterals for their respective campaigns.

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