Project Description

Al Masah Capital Limited was established in 2010, in order to provide investment management expertise and access to the opportunities in Alternative Investments in the Middle East and North Africa region. Al Masah has business interest in different verticals and we have been their strategic design partners for all the names under their brand.

The main Al Masah logo was designed using the top view of the diamond – representing power, purity, expertise and trust. Keeping the language minimal and clean, the design was extended onto the rest of the collaterals.

We designed Al Masah’s new office in the heart of DIFC and were their partners in design for their 4-year anniversary celebration – writing for and creating a coffee table book, that was handed out to key investors. The 2014 edition depicted the 64 Facets of Finance that included the history of money, where it is today and everything in between.

The 2015 anniversary edition was written as though it was penned by Shailesh Dash – the founder and CEO of Al Masah. The book took the reader on the journey of Al Masah – from its initial days, to struggles of coping with the new business – all the way till that year – detailing each milestone along the way.

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