Project Description

A vegetarian Indian restaurant for Maharashtrian street food served in an urban setting. Tucked away in the busy Karama area of Dubai, this little gem has become very popular for serving authentic Maharashtrian food that takes you back to the taste back home.

We created a brand that complimented the food, blending nostalgia with humor and slangs particular to the region. Designed with using clean and funky graphics language, that is largely typographical, the quirky communication adds to the smiles on every foodie’s face visiting the restaurant.

The “rupee” symbol was the inspiration behind the logo which connected the brand to India and at that time, the new popular currency sign of the country. We worked on their basic corporate material along with communication collaterals including menu, tent cards, adverts, etc. We contributed to the space – adding large typography of witty, “Bambayya” text along with imagery that is very typical to the state, particularly Mumbai.

We continue to work with them to spruce up their outlet, ongoing promotions, magazine adverts and social accounts

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